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My Photographic Journey

For as long as I remember I have been captivated by photography. It started with old photographs of my ancestors. These were family members that had died long before I was born but I could see their faces and witness parts of their lives in old black and white pictures stuck to pages of photo albums or stuffed into envelopes stored in a closet.

There was my great-grandfather who had died in a mine accident when my grandfather was an infant, his young face preserved in the 1890's on stylish glossy cardboard. There were similar photos of my grandfather and father as babies and photos of my mother's grandparents in front of their farmhouse. My favorite photos are of my teenage mom, dressed far more stylish than I could ever hope to be, posing in front of a 1940's car at a gas station. These are all wonderful moments in time; history captured on film.

As an adult, I picked up my own camera and set about recording my world. The number of photographs I have taken--good and terrible--is a bit overwhelming at this point. But my passion for both the photographic record and photography as an art form continues to grow. I have also gained a love of art, architecture and travel and these influence my photography. There is so much to see and experience in this world. I have been incredibly blessed to see much of it and I love being able to share my experiences through my photography.

                                                                                      ~~Brenda von Lehmden, Photographer